PROJECT94 tai vaizdo įrašų produkcijos komanda. Esame jauni vaikinai, turintys bakalauro diplomus multimedijos srityje, mūsų kasdienybė sukasi aplink vaizdo įrašų kūrimą, filmavimą, vizualinį meną ir šiuolaikinę mediją.


Nerijus Žeknys

videographer, filmmaker

Movies can make you smile, but also cry. Movies can make you happy, but also sad. Movies can make a lot of impact on a person’s life. But I know one thing for sure. Movies help people to escape. So one day I told my self: “I will become the best filmmaker in the world”. So here I am now. Trying.

Edvinas Raudys

videographer, multimedia specialist

Some people believe that if you want to make a video, all you have to do is press the shutter button. Well, that’s partially true, but if you want your video to tell a great story – that is simply not enough. I believe in the power of visual storytelling and that is why I always challenge myself to create The Perfect Video that would both attract and inspire.


Pre Production

Generating ideas, script writing, storyboarding.


Two camera operators, filming from different angles, creating beautiful and unique shots.

Post Production

Video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color grading and rendering your project.


We've worked with some pretty amazing, smart, stylish, strong, loving, creative, colorful brands and people.